The National Museum of the Royal Navy reopened the Historic Quay at Hartlepool to visitors on Friday 4th September 2020. Visitors were required to book online and pay via their website which can be accessed via this link: NMRN - HARTLEPOOL. 

The latest information about access to the ship should be checked via their website.

At present Friends of HMS Trincomalee are not able to visit free of charge, nor without booking as above.

In December 2020 the trustees of the Friends of HMS Trincomalee unanimously agreed to provide funds to the National Museum of the Royal Navy - Hartlepool, enabling them to proceed with a research project, analysing paint samples from the ship, and also to help preserve the ship by identifying sites of high humidity and fungal infection, the latter to be treated with ultra violet light. 

The Autumn 2020 Quarterdeck has been sent out as an email attachment to our members whose addresses we have been given. It looks at the time our ship was at Falmouth one hundred years ago, and has our annual report for 2019 to 2020..

It also contains details of our private Facebook group.

All social events are suspended until further notice.

Every Quarterdeck from the first in 1994 up to Spring 2020 can be downloaded from the MAGAZINE page.

On Wednesday 20th March 2019 the Friends held a party to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the arrival of HMS Trincomalee in Portsmouth, England at the end of her maiden voyage from Trincomalee, Ceylon (modern day Sri Lanka).

This included a ten minute video with original music of 3D photographs (anaglyph glasses required) of the ship. The video is on YouTube - a link is on the left.

Until the end of May 2019 there was a display about HMS Trincomalee at the FitzHugh Library in Middleton-in-Teesdale.

The Library now holds copies of all the Quarterdeck magazines. Their website can be accessed by the following link: 

                     FITZHUGH LIBRARY                                           


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