The Friends of

HMS Trincomalee

The first issue of the Friends' magazine, “Quarterdeck”, appeared in February 1994, originally as 4 sides of A4. Since Spring 2004 the magazine has been of A5 size.

There are three issues in a year. Upto Summer 2016 these were usually in black and white. (Many of the illustrations relating to our ship's long history only exist in black and white.)

The magazine has been printed in colour since Autumn 2016.

Articles tend to relate specifically to the history of HMS Trincomalee, people associated with the ship throughout its long history – from its building and launch in 1817 to its restoration in Hartlepool in the late twentieth century.

The Mess Deck Crossword has been a regular feature since Autumn 2008.

Examples of the magazine and articles can be downloaded via the links on this page.