The Friends of

HMS Trincomalee



Most of these can be downloaded as pdfs using the hotspots in the list


QD001 Charles Parry

QD002 Aboard the Foudroyant 1922

QD003 Three Captains of HMS Trincomalee

QD004 Captain Philip Henry Bridges

QD005 Jack Steadfast

QD006 Sailors' Tattoos & their Meanings

QD007 Pioneers of Vancouver Island & HMS Trincomalee

QD008 An Improvised Christmas Dance

QD009 From Little Acorns Grow

QD010 Ships' Weekly Newspapers in the Mid-Nineteenth Century

QD011 Valentines Day aboard HMS Plover 1853

QD012 Of Oak and Teak

QD013 Volunteering for HMS Trincomalee

QD014 Three Historic Ships

QD015 Christmas 1858 on board the Thames City

QD016 A Most Unfortunate Encounter

QD017 Crossing the Line

QD018 Royal Yacht Victoria & Albert II

QD019 Lieutenant Commander John Chrisp

QD020 HMS Foudroyant September 1943

QD021 Living on the Foudroyant 1958 to 1966

QD022 Memories of TS Foudroyant in the 1950s

QD023 HMS Trincomalee & the Crimean War

QD024 Lieutenant John Haverfield on board HMS Trincomalee 1855

QD025 Lieutenant Colonel Harold Wyllie

QD026 Stanley Francis Smitheman

QD027 David C Bell

QD028 David Lyall M.D. 1857 to 1895

QD029 The Carron Company

QD030 HMS Trincomalee at St Helena

QD031 How to Fire your Cannon

QD032 Sea Shanties

QD033 The Curious Case of the Susan Sturges

QD034 Boy's Manual of Seamanship & Gunnery 1871

QD035 The Frigate Unicorn

QD036 Lambton Loraine (1838 – 1917)

QD037 The Boatswain

QD038 The Boatswain's Call

QD039 HMS Foudroyant by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

QD040 The Bombay Dockyard in the early Nineteenth Century

QD041 Class of '46 Where are they now?

QD042 The Strange Tale of the Daedalus Sea-serpent

QD043 Off the Beaten Track

QD044 HMS Trincomalee & The General

QD045 Sails and the Sail-Maker

QD046 Sir James Saumarez

QD047 HMS Trincomalee at Sunderland

QD048 Widows' Men, The Naval Pension Scheme in 1815

QD049 Princess Margaret visits the Foudroyant

QD050 Sheet Anchor

QD051 Seamen & their Uniform, fined for a technical offence at Falmouth

QD052 Naval Court Martial

QD053 Examples of our Ship in Advertisements & Promotions

QD054 At the Movies with the Foudroyant

QD055 A Week aboard TS Foudroyant in August 1959

QD056 HMS Trincomalee at Honolulu

QD057 HMS Trincomalee supporting the Arctic Search 1854

QD058 An Appeal for HMS Implacable by Wheatley Cobb in 1922

QD059 Eliza Bunt's Diary 1817 to 1819

QD060 Ships' Figureheads

TK001 The History of HMS Trincomalee 1812 to 1986

TK002 Celebrating 200 years of HMS Trincomalee
















The Friends have an ever growing archive of documents and pictures relating to the history of our ship, HMS Trincomalee (previously TS Foudroyant), and also about people associated with her over the past 200 years.


There are also fully scripted talks with photographs in “powerpoint” form in the archive. Much of the material is derived from the personal collections of the present Editor, the first Chairman of the Friends, and a previous Trustee who was stationed aboard the Foudroyant, at Portsmouth England, during the Second World War. An example of part of such a talk can be downloaded as a pdf file by clicking on the front cover on this page.


All issues of the magazine, “Quarterdeck”, exist in a pdf form, as do a number of offprints from the magazines.


Enquiries about the archive should be made via the contact box on our contact page.