At their meeting on Tuesday 11th April 2017 the Trustees of the Friends of HMS Trincomalee all agreed to make a grant of £10,000 to the Trincomalee Trust to help with the much needed caulking of the ship.



Clare Hunt, Curator & Bob Monsen, Shipwright

On 1st February the Chair of the Friends, Hugh Turner met with the General Manager of the National Museum of the Royal Navy – Hartlepool, Roslyn Adamson, over coffee at the Wingfield Castle.


This was their first meeting, and they looked at how the working relationship between the two organisations may develop in the future.


The Trustees have also approved a grant of £3,500 to the National Museum of the Royal Navy Hartlepool towards the restoration, preservation and display of the ship’s 1840s figurehead presently in storage at the Historic Quay.


Last month the Trustees provided full funding for 12 humidity-temperature monitors with associated software, to assist with identifying problem areas on the ship, together with a museum vacuum machine.

On 23rd February the Chair met with the Curator at the National Museum of the Royal Navy, Clare Hunt.


The Friends' meetings returned to the Historic Quay this year. On Wednesday 22nd February 2017, Steve Frost launched us into our 2017 season with a captivating talk to us about the “Port of Hartlepool, Ships and Industry”.


On Wednesday 29th March Andrew Baines of the National Museum of the Royal Navy, gave an informative talk to the Friends at the Historic Quay titled “My Rôle as Head of Ships”.


The next talk is on Wednesday 26th April when John Megson will tell us about his “Unusual Adventure Holidays”.


The next issue of the Quarterdeck, Summer 2017, is due to be posted out in the second week of July.

Lord & Lady de Saumarez with guide Richard Davison

On Wednesday 11th October 2017, on the eve of 200th anniversary of the ship's launch on 12th October 1817, a celebratory silver service dinner party is being arranged at Hartlepool for Friends and their guests. The cost will be £35 per person. Our Patron (and Friend of HMS Trincomalee) Lord de Saumarez is attending to help with the celebration. More details and an application form will be in the Summer Quarterdeck.



Easter 2017

The Friends of

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