Support has been given towards the preservation and presentation of HMS Trincomalee by the Friends. We funded a full set of “Tiny Tag” data loggers, which are now monitoring the relative humidity and temperature in various parts of the ship.

A grant has been made by the Friends of  £3,500 towards the restoration and presentation of the 1840’s figurehead.

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January 2019

On the 12th October 2017 it was 200 years since our ship, HMS Trincomalee, was handed over to the Royal Navy at the Bombay dockyard.

The Friends of HMS Trincomalee held a dinner party on Wednesday 11th October to celebrate this event, with our Patron, and guests.

A booklet was produced for the dinner which includes a ten sides article "Celebrating 200 years of HMS Trincomalee."

You can download this booklet  by clicking on the front cover image on the left. ( 9.70 MB  pdf)

Our honorary life member, Laurie Merrin, in the Captain's Cabin talking to the media on 12 October 2017, 200 years since the ship was handed over to the Royal Navy at Bombay.

He recalls his time on our ship, when it was called the Foudroyant during the Second World War.

See article QD020 HMS Foudroyant September 1943

Thanks go to Julian Reid, Archivist at Corpus Christi College Oxford, for sorting out the link between our Ship’s first Captain, Captain Philip Henry Bridges, and Robert Seymour Bridges OM (picture) who was poet laureate from 1913 to 1930.

The older brother of Captain Philip Bridges was Thomas Edward Bridges, Dean/President of Corpus Christi College Oxford from 1823 to 1843. The poet, Robert Bridges, was the great grandson of their uncle. The present, and 3rd Baron Bridges, Mark Bridges, is the great grandson of Robert Bridges. An article about Captain Philip Henry Bridges is in the archive section of this website.

After being handed over to the Royal Navy by the shipbuilders at Bombay Dockyard on 12th October 1817, our ship was launched a week later on 19th October 1817. This painting is by Lt. Col. Harold Wyllie who at one time used the Captain’s Cabin as his studio.

The Autumn 2017 issue of the Friends' magazine, Quarterdeck, was posted out to members on 11th November 2017.

A substantial part of this issue is devoted to the time that HMS Trincomalee was in Hartlepool in the nineteenth century.

There is also a report of the 200th anniversary celebrations held in October.

The prints show two different views of Hartlepool in the 1800s.

On 24th November 2017 the presentation, "Celebrating 200 years of HMS Trincomalee" was added to the online archives. The main part of it was originally presented by the Chairman of the Friends of HMS Trincomalee to the alumni, and alumnae of the Open University as the after-dinner speech at their annual weekend meeting last May.

Modified it now includes some photographs of the celebrations in October. The 9 sides of A4 can be downloaded as a pdf of 1.50MB - using  the following link -

 TK002: Celebrating 200 years of HMS Trincomalee

In the Captain's Cabin on 12th October 2017 - our Ship's 200th Birthday.

Our Secretary, Chairman, Lady de Saumarez and our Patron Lord de Saumarez on 12th October 2017

You can follow the Chairman's twitter feed using the link on the HOME page.

The Spring 2018 Issue of the Friends' magazine. "Quarterdeck" was posted out to members on the sixth day of March.

There is an article about the life of the First Lieutenant aboard our ship in the 1850s, William Chapman Cox. He at one stage gave assistance to David Livingstone, the missionary explorer.

Experiences of TS Fouydroyant when the Nautical Training Corps stayed aboard are recalled in a further article.

A tenuous link to Marilyn Monroe is revealed in the article looking at geographical features in British Columbia named after ships and people associated with HMS Trincomalee.



The Friends  celebrated their 25th Anniversary on Wednesday 23rd May, this included cutting our Birthday Cake with a mid-Victorian ceremonial naval sword.

On Wednesday 25th April,  Clare Hunt, the Curator of the National Museum of the Royal Navy - Hartlepool entertained us with a presentation on the Figureheads of HMS Trincomalee.

On 21st March Paul Brunyee informed and entertained us with a presentation entitled "Brexit & Waterloo". Medals awarded to some soldiers present at Waterloo were shown, and Paul brought swords and a musket to demonstrate  the weapons  of the time.

The Summer issue of the Friends' magazine, Quarterdeck,  was posted out to members on 4th July 2018. The main article is about the restoration of HMS Trincomalee at Hartlepool.

John Seccombe, a Lieutenant aboard the ship on its first commission, had an escapade with a lion later on in his career as recounted in the  magazine, which also includes a look at the use of the ship around 1950.

The crossword is a cryptic one with a maritime flavour.

In May 2018 the trustees of the Friends unanimously agreed to   our charity  funding outright the purchase of a new Union Jack  flag, and a new set of signal message flags for our ship. They similarly agreed to funding the purchase of two resin hens, and artificial straw  for the "livestock" displayed on board.

Shipkeepers, Anita and Emma, are shown with   the  now resident hens.

Saturday 27th October  2018 marked the two hundredth anniversary of the start of our ship's maiden voyage, from Trincomalee, Ceylon (present day Sri Lanka), to Portsmouth, England. The  Autumn Quarterdeck magazine   posted out to members on 1st November, has   a  feature article about this. In March 2019 the Friends will celebrate the arrival  of the ship in England with a party.

Our Charity has funded a new floor covering for the Captain's cabin on HMS Trincomalee to the sum of £6,000. This will be painted sail-cloth in keeping with what was used at the time our ship was in active service.

The Friends of

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